Chile Work Visa – Application, Requirements, and Documentation

Learn how to apply the Chile work visa and the required documents.

Are you awaiting an employment offer from an organization or company in Chile? If yes, you could get employed if your service is needed, but a Chile work visa is required before you can work.

The visa application process is relatively straightforward, and most of the required documentation is not difficult. Other requirements must be met to qualify you for a Chile work visa when you apply for it. Meanwhile, let us give you an insight into various jobs in Chile,

Job opportunities in Chile 

Chile, a country in South America, is a great place to find a job. The unemployment rate is low, and there are many opportunities for foreigners. The cost of living is also common, so you can save money while you work.

The country offers various jobs, from entry-level to professional positions. Appointments can be found in various industries, like agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and tourism. Chile also has a thriving IT industry, constantly looking for skilled workers. English speakers will have an advantage when looking for jobs in Chile, as many businesses require bilingual employees.

In addition, you might also need places to chill out after a busy week; the country has fun-filled relaxation spots. You have options like the beach town of Algarrobo, the thermal baths in the town of Putre, and Santiago vineyards.

What is a Chile work visa?

It is an authorization document that permits foreign nationals to work and get paid in the country. The Chilean embassy or consulate in your country is in charge of issuing the visa.

Types of Chile work visa 

The duration you wish to work in Chile determines the type of Chile work visa to should apply for. It is divided into three types which are:

  • Chile Temporary Residence Visa
  • Chile Working Holiday Visa
  • Chile work contract visa.

Chile Temporary Residence Visa: If you plan to work in Chile for a year, you need to apply for this type of work visa. You can apply for a Chilean permanent residence permit if you can this visa accordingly.

Chile Working Holiday Visa: This work visa is valid for one year but issued to foreign nationals with strong relations with Chile.

Chile work contract visa: This is also called Visa Sujeta a Contrato. Foreigners with a contract job longer than a year with a Chilean company or government get this visa.

Documents required for Chile Work visa Application 

The number of documents required by the Chilean embassy may vary from nation to nation, but there are peculiar ones. So you can pick the ones relevant to you from the list below.

Letter of invitation: Your employer in Chile should write this letter stating why you deserve the job. The company or organization’s detailed address must also be noted in the letter.

Your employment letter is proof that you have secured a job or contract with a Chilean company. The letter must be in Spanish, signed and stamped by your employer, and verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Chile.

Education Credentials: This can be a Bachelor’s degree, diploma certificate, and other certificates relevant to your job role.

An active traveling passport: This should be valid for six months or with your details and must have blank pages.

Police clearance certificate: This serves as proof that you have no criminal cases to answer and are free to leave the country. You can get this document from the police station or other related agencies in your country.

Photograph: You must attach at least two copies of your passport photographs. It must be in the required dimensions of two by two inches. So it is best to visit photographers that are used to taking pictures for visa applications.

Chile works visa application form: This is accessible online; you fill and print it out, then sign and stamp it.

Proof of accommodation: You should attach proof that you already have a place to stay when you arrive in Chile. It can be a hotel, company’s quarters, rented apartments, or your family’s apartment. Detail address must be provided regardless of the option you have.

Proof of funds: Your cheque booklet, bank statement, credit card, and the like can serve as your proof of funds. You must have enough money to make yourself comfortable before you earn income in Chile.

Health clearance certificate: This proves that you are medically free from any communicable disease. You can obtain this certificate from an approved medical institution to issue in your country.

Flight tickets: This can be a reservation, not necessarily that you have bought the tickets already.

Standard format for Chile works visa documents

To avoid delays in visa application processing, you should comply with the format of the embassy, like the ones below:

  • You must ensure all your supporting documents are in PDF format.
  • Your passport photographs should be in JPEG format.
  • You are to have your documents translated to Spanish and legalized.
  • You must title all your documents for easy identification, such as “your last name-proof of accommodation.

How to apply for a Chile Work visa 

The application process begins online then you complete other things at the Chilean embassy or consulate in your country. Therefore, it is not difficult if you follow the instructions carefully.

Step one: Apply online. 

You should visit the official website, click on the visa application, and fill out details like name, nationality, age, passport number, etc. Ensure you save each section you complete before you proceed to the next section. You must work a visa as the type of visa you are applying for and save the validation code generated. Make sure you fill out all the required information and cross-check everything before submitting. Then you print out the form for stamping and signature.

However, starting the application online and finishing immediately is not compulsory; you can save and complete it later.

Note that if your online application is successful, the embassy will schedule a date for an interview and submission of documents.

Step two: Attend an interview and submit your documents. 

You must appear in person to submit your visa application form and the supporting documents at this stage. You should arrive before the appointment time so that you can pay the visa application fee before submission. After your documents are received, verified, and accepted, you proceed to the interview section. The interview section is friendly mainly because you will be asked simple but sensitive questions. You should expect questions like:

  • What’s your name?
  • Why do you need a Chile work visa?
  • Have you been to Chile before?
  • Did you have a family member in Chile?
  • Are you married?
  • Are you with your flight ticket?

If your documentation and interview are successful, you will proceed with your biometric capturing. You can leave the embassy after all these and expect a notification on the readiness of the visa.

Chile Work visa application fee and its processing time 

The Chile Work visa fee varies from country to country, but you should budget an amount from fifty dollars to one hundred and fifty dollars. You will see the exact amount you are to pay on the online application page. You can pay the application fee once you have booked an appointment with the embassy.

The Chilean embassy takes fifteen to twenty days to process and approve your Chile work visa application. Therefore, you must apply at least a month or two before your planned date of departure to Chile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I do after receiving my Chile work visa?

The next thing to do is to assemble your luggage and travel to Chile. On your arrival, you must visit the Policía de Investigaciones (PDI) to register your visa. After that, you proceed to the civil register to get your Chilean ID card.

What is the validity of my Chile work visa?

A Chile work visa is valid for a maximum of twenty-four months. You can renew it for another two years, at least ninety days before it expires. You should visit the Departamento de Extranjería Migración for renewal.

Can I obtain Chilean permanent residency with a work visa?

It is possible if you have stayed in Chile with your work visa for five years or more. However, don’t forget that a Chile work visa is also a temporary residence permit.

Can I move to Chile with my Family?

Yes, you can travel with your family member, including your spouse and children under eighteen years old. However, your spouse must apply for a dependent visa with the marriage certificate attached. In addition, you will attach each child’s birth certificate to the application form.

Nonetheless, your family members cannot work in Chile with the dependent visa until they obtain a work permit.


Getting your Chile Work visa in less than two weeks is possible if you meet all the requirements. This guide has discussed the procedures and requirements for obtaining a Chile work visa.