Canada has several Newcomers Support Programs that help new immigrants settle into their province and city of choice on landing. Immigrating to Canada is one thing, getting settled easily enough is another. Of course, the process of settling applies in all immigration cases, whether to Canada or not. Moving into a new country comes with tonnes of stress, especially when there are no familiar faces to serve as hosts or guides during the first few weeks or even months.

While many people are truly elated to have finally made their way to Canada, they get fagged out quite quickly due to the lack of proper information and monitoring in making necessary documentation, obtaining a permit, or getting a job. The following 10 newcomer services provide the necessary supports to immigrants before and after their first arrival to Canada and city of choice.

10 Organizations Offering Newcomers Support Programs

The Canadian immigration system, provinces and cities and private service providers have many support programs that are newcomer-friendly, with more than enough organizations providing services that have been tailored to satisfy newcomers and meet their peculiar needs.

1. Centre for Newcomers (CFN)

The centre for newcomers targets immigrants and refugees who have found their way to Canada, helping them integrate faster with locals while they provide services that will make blending in a smooth one. The organization readily expresses its openness to diverse cultures and backgrounds and its willingness to help visitors fulfill their goal of becoming Canadian citizens.

The major target has been Calgary newcomers, although any Canadian based immigrant will readily benefit from their services some of which are:

  • Helping immigrant youths overcome the pressure to join dangerous local gangs as well as rehabilitating those who may have already been victims.
  • Training in understanding important aspects of the English Language which includes writing, speaking, listening, and reading.
  • Creating awareness for the Canadian culture and daily life.
  • Empowering newcomers with the life skills necessary for survival in Canada

4. Newcomers Canada

Newcomers Canada has a streamlined focus of helping immigrants discover work opportunities, network with potential employers and people of similar careers, as well as providing up-to-date information about living and working in Canada. The website also regularly features upcoming events that will be of utmost benefits to immigrants and visitors, while also regularly updating site users with available job opportunities, the location, and the qualification requirements.

3. CIBC Newcomers Program

CIBC is one of the most friendly banking platforms in Canada, embracing immigrants and helping them make hassle-free transactions. Every newcomer who opens an account with CIBC enjoys:

  • Free banking for the first year.
  • A chance of getting up to $60 back on depositions made to a safety box.
  • Easy and fast purchases with a CIBC credit card.
  • With more than 1,100 branches scattered all over Canada, locating a branch is relatively easy and the customer support is great. Should you be experiencing any challenges, the customer care service is available anytime, any day.

4. TD Banking for Newcomers

TD offers banking services that have been tailored to the specific needs of Canadian newcomers such as the provision of credit cards, opening of chequing or savings accounts, and international money transfers. As an immigrant student in Canada, you stand a chance to be eligible for the International Student Package, which is a special package that comes with benefits and reduced costs for students. Checking through the TD newcomers website affords you much-needed information on how best to plan moving into Canada, the potential challenges to be encountered, and how to address them.

5. Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers

“enhance the quality of life for newcomers and all Canadians.”

That,  is the Edmonton’s core purpose. This they have strived to effectively achieve in the past years by helping newcomers integrate into Canada’s system and quite importantly, also help them advocate when the system is not favorable enough. The centre is actively involved in helping newcomers fill very strange but necessary forms, teaching English and French languages to interested immigrants, helping newcomers adjust to their environment as well as aiding in the search for job opportunities. The centre is also intentional about helping refugees settle down into the environment through their structured community integration process.

6. Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC)

The LINC is another provider of Newcomers support programs in Canada. As a platform aiming at the welfare of Canadian newcomers, LINC provides a free language training program for adults for are found eligible. Founded by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the organization is being controlled by those who understand the processes and the challenges newcomers face in the country. The organization provides basic language skills in English for immigrants based in Ontario.

Certain stations provide training in the basics of the French language. Only those who have a permanent residency in Canada or whose resident status is being processed or who are convention refugees are deemed eligible for this training. There are full-time and part-time training options depending on your preference. For all those interested in the training, LINC will conduct a language assessment test, first of all, to decide which level training should start from. it should be noted that those who are just temporary residents, who are yet to be verified refugees, or who are Canadian citizens are not eligible for this training.

7. Federal Internship for Newcomers Canada Program (FIN)

Understanding how challenging the first few months after immigration to Canada can be, the Federal Internship for Newcomers, Canada was developed. The program avails eligible newcomers the opportunity to work and gain valuable experience for a short period. This can be done alongside other training with some selected Canadian organizations. Through this process, immigrant employees can gain experience and understanding of the Canadian workplace and how best to network with the locals. There are criteria that make any immigrant eligible for the program. This can be easily gotten from the Federal Internship for Newcomers website alongside other necessary information.

8. BMO NewStart Program for Newcomers

Newcomers can easily employ the services of BMO Canada to help them become better at saving. This is particularly important if you are a new immigrant as you will constantly require funds to attend to one thing or the other. With a free small safety box and a chequing account that does not deduct monthly fees, you are capable of saving up to $240 and more in a year! If you are in Canada with other family members or friends, referring to open a BMO account will earn you $50 extra.

9. PEI Association for Newcomers Canada

For a smooth stay during the first few months of being in Prince Edward Island, the PEI Association for Newcomers, Canada is one of those platforms to belong to. The NGO was established in 1993 to provide immigrants with settlement services on a short-term basis and in the long run, help them become integrated into the community at large. The association helps newcomers in going about all necessary documentation and provides support for refugees.

PEI Association also provides an English language training program for interested immigrants and frequently organizes hands-on training for refugees so they can work for a living all through their stay. Other services cover assessment of newcomers’ skills for potential employment, referrals to organizations, connecting students with recreational activities, and also providing immigrants with needed encouragement and support.

10. Newcomers’ Club of Greater Victoria

Organized by women for fellow women, the Newcomers’ Club focuses on creating a welcoming environment for women who have recently moved into the nation. The club features activities that are based on the preferences and interests of the different members. Members, therefore, can interact and network with like minds in a setting that is devoid of racism, gender discrimination, and body shaming. The club regularly holds meetings in both big and small units where they discuss issues that centre around health, women empowerment, and fun.

In general, Canada and Canadians indeed do have many programs and services aimed at helping their new immigrants and future Canadians settle. How amazing!