تأشيرة الزواج في كولومبيا - الطلب والرسوم والوثائق

تعرف على كيفية الزواج في كولومبيا بتأشيرة زواج.

Are you in love with a Colombian citizen or resident? Do you plan to marry your lover? Then, it would help if you get a Colombia Marriage Visa. However, many applicants find it hard to get this visa because they don’t know the correct steps to take.

Sometimes, it could be that you don’t know the requirements. So, you end up not getting your marriage permit.

If you do not meet the requirements for a visa in Colombia, you will not obtain the permit. It means you must enquire about all you need for a marriage visa in Colombia.

Therefore, this article will give you the information you need about a Colombia Marriage Visa. The application process, requirements, processing fees and time, and validity of a marriage visa.

What is Colombia Mariage Visa?

Colombia Marriage Visa allows its holders to live with their Colombian partners or spouses. It is a migrant visa. Thus, it is valid for three years. Unlike most Colombia Visas, it is easy to get a marriage visa. It also requires a few documents. However, you must prove that you have stayed with your Colombian partner for a long time.

After two years of getting your visa, you can apply for a تصريح الإقامة in Colombia. It also allows you to live, work and study in the country.

Marriage laws in Colombia

You can get married in Colombia as a foreigner. However, you have become familiar with the laws concerning marriage in the country. Some of them include:

#1. Civil marriage

It is a contract marriage between two persons. Therefore, it must take place before a judge. The requirements for a civil union in Colombia include the following:

  • جواز سفر ساري
  • Colombian ID card
  • Document proving you are single in your country
  • Birth record of the last three months
  • Certificate of divorce if previously married

#2. Religious marriage

For a religious marriage in Colombia, you will have the following documents as a foreigner in Colombia. They include:

  • Baptism certificate for the last three months
  • Confirmation certificate of the past three months
  • Single status certificate

#3. Same-sex marriage

Colombia allows same-sex marriage. Therefore, partners of sex same marriage can get married in Colombia. However, the foreign partner must meet the requirements for such marriage.

Documents for Colombia Marriage Visa

يوفر وثائق for a marriage permit in Colombia differ from documents for other types of visas. However, you must provide all the required documents. Otherwise, you will not get your marriage permit in Colombia. The documents include:

# 1. جواز سفر ساري المفعول

To apply for a marriage permit, you must have a passport that is in good condition. In addition, it must have two blank pages. You must also have the page showing your credentials.

#2. Residence Permit

If you are a resident of Colombia or a foreign country, you must present a legal document as proof of legal stay in the country.

# 3. صورة

In addition to your passport, you will bring a photo of 3×4 cm with a white background. It must also be in colour.

#4. Copy of the cedula

You will get this document from your permanent spouse living in Colombia.

#5. Application form for Colombia Marriage Visa

Your spouse will sign your application form. After that, you can send it to the embassy to process. In addition, the application must have the following information:

  • اسمك
  • your nationality
  • the intention of your travel

#6. A letter from your permanent spouse in Colombia

Your permanent spouse in Colombia must send a notarized letter to permit you to apply for a Colombian Mariage Visa. Without it, the embassy will not process your visa.

Steps to apply for a Colombia Marriage Visa

Colombia Marriage Visa is easy to get when you compare it with other visa types in Colombia like Student Exchange Visa, تأشيرة عطلة العمل or تأشيرة اللاجئ. However, you must still follow the correct steps to apply for it. Otherwise, you may end up not getting your visa.

Therefore, you can follow the steps below to apply for this visa. They include:

Step 1. Find out the nearest Colombian embassy near you

You will need the services of the Colombian embassy in your country for two reasons. First, you will submit your application to them, especially if they don’t accept online applications. Secondly, you will receive your visa from them after the processing. Therefore, you must find out the location of the embassy in your country of residence. Alternatively, if you are a resident of Colombia, you must find the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Step 2. Contact the embassy about your Colombia Marriage Visa

The next step is to contact the embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When you contact them, you will get information about your visa. Secondly, you must book an appointment with the embassy. Then, you ask them any questions about your application for a marriage visa.

Step 3. Convert all your Colombia Marriage Visa documents into PDF format

You must submit all the documents for your visa online. Therefore, you must convert them into PDF format. If any document is not in Spanish, you must translate them into Spanish before converting them into PDF format.

Step 4. Fill out an online application form for Colombia Mariage Visa

After preparing our documents, you will fill out an online application form. When you have completed the form. Your spouse in Colombia must sign it before you can submit it. You must provide the following information in the application form. They include:

  • اسمك الكامل
  • مكان الميلاد
  • بلد الإقامة
  • جنسية
  • الغرض من السفر

Step 5. Select Colombia Marriage Visa as visa type

You will find a column for the type of visa you want. Then, select Colombia Marriage Visa as your visa type.

Step. 6 Upload the PDF format of the documents for your visa

The next step in your application is to upload your application form and other documents. Therefore, attach the PDF format of your files to the application.

Step 7. Select the Colombian embassy or consulate of your choice

You must select the nearest Colombian embassy or consulate around you. On the contrary, you can opt for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if you are a resident of Colombia. You will collect your visa from the embassy you select. Therefore, you must be careful while choosing it.

Step 8. Select the method of payment for the Colombia Marriage Visa

The next step is to select your method of payment for the visa. The payment type you choose depends on our location while applying for the visa. You can use any of the following means of payment. They include:

  • Online using PSE Electronic Service Provider
  • Servibanca ATM if you are in Colombia
  • السفارة الكولومبية
  • Banco GNB Sudameris in Bogotá if you are in Colombia

الخطوة 9. انتظر المعالجة

It will take the Colombian embassy in your country of origin or residence five days to process the application for a marriage visa in Colombia. Once they have completed the process, they will inform you to come and collect it.

You must show evidence of visa payment for your marriage permit.

الأسئلة المتكررة

Where can I apply for a Marriage Visa to Colombia?

If you are applying for a Colombia Visa for the first time, you must apply through a Colombian embassy or consulate in your country of residence or origin. However, if you are a resident of the Colombian embassy, you will use the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bogota. You have to contact the embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to know the requirements for your visa.

How long does it take to process a Marriage Visa to Colombia?

It takes the Colombian embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about five days to process a marriage visa. However, if you do not meet the requirements, it can take longer to get your permit.

How long is a Colombia Marriage Visa valid?

The marriage visa in Colombia is a migrant visa. Therefore, it is valid for three years. However, you can apply for a residence permit after two years of getting a marriage permit in Colombia.

Can I work with my Colombia Marriage Visa?

Yes, your marriage visa allows you to live and work in Colombia. In addition, you can study in the country with it. The only limitation is that you are not yet a resident of Colombia. But you can apply for a residence permit after two years.

How much is a Colombia Marriage Visa?

The cost of getting a Marriage Visa in Colombia is USD 282. It also includes the processing fee.

في الختام

Finally, getting a Colombia Marriage Visa is very easy. However, you must follow the correct steps and get the documents ready. Otherwise, you will not obtain your visa. Therefore, you can use our guide in this article when you apply for your visa. In addition, you must have all the documents listed above before you apply for your marriage permit in Colombia.

Meanwhile, you must contact the Colombian embassy around you to get all the information you need about this visa.