Guide on how to apply for a Brazil Digital Nomad Visa

What does it take to get a Brazil digital nomad visa? Find out the steps and documents required here.

Brazil digital nomad visa is ideal if you want to quit your depressing daily routine and begin a new life in Brazil as a freelancer.

Brazil is well-known for its numerous tropical beaches, the exciting Rio de Janeiro carnival, and its Amazon jungle. Given this, it becomes sense that many foreign residents want to take in the country’s beauty and peculiarities affordably.

Having the right visa is crucial if you are a digital nomad and must frequently travel to different cities or countries for work. Thankfully, the Brazil Digital Nomad Visa works if you want to live and work anywhere in Brazil as long as you meet specific criteria and file your application correctly.

Below we answer some common questions about this visa and how you can apply for one.

What is the Brazil Digital Nomad Visa?

The Brazil Digital Nomad Visa allows you to stay in Brazil with an easy 90-day extension option legally. This visa is a work visa, so you can stay in Brazil if you have an employer who hires you remotely. The good thing about this visa is that it doesn’t restrict you from living and working in one specific city like other visas.

Benefits Of the Brazilian Digital Nomad Visa

Obtaining a Brazilian digital nomad visa entitles you to the following advantages:

Possibility of residing in one of the world’s most stunning nations. Living in this tropical paradise, full of beaches, delicious food, and gorgeous architecture, is undoubtedly a very life-fulfilling experience.

A comfortable way of life. Living in a tropical paradise shouldn’t make you think this way of life is expensive. Brazil is renowned for being among the most affordable places to live. In Brazil, a single person might make as little as €490 per month while earning up to €1,600 per month in salary. Your moving experience will be among the simplest and most comfortable because food, apartments, and even the nightlife are all reasonably priced.

Free public healthcare. The free public health care system is open to foreigners living in Brazil on a digital nomad visa. These will be a significant plus as many nations demand that you cover all costs associated with receiving any medical care.

Possibility of retiring comfortably. Brazil’s exotic, tropical, and tranquil climate makes it one of the best places to retire. The affordable prices aid in luring several foreigners looking to spend their golden years quietly.

What You Can Work in Brazil with a Digital Nomad Visa?

The most sought-after positions in Brazil right now for remote workers are:

  • Customer support
  • Online instructor.
  • Content writer/developer
  • Data scientist.
  • Web designer.
  • Translator
  • Internet marketer.

Brazil is the only South American nation to provide a visa specifically for digital nomads, which has helped it draw a lot of interested foreigners.

Who Can Apply for a Brazil Digital Nomad Visa?

The Brazil Digital Nomad Visa is only for digital nomads who can prove that they can earn a significant amount of money remotely. You’ll need to show that you earn a minimum of $1500 per month as a freelancer or contractor or $2500 per month as an employee. You’ll also need to prove that your employer is a legal business or company based in Brazil.

Requirements for the Brazil Digital Nomad Visa


  • Valid for at least six months and featuring two blank pages minimum.
  • Passport data page replica


  • 3 cm x 4 cm frontal photograph on a white background. The applicant’s face must be straight, and their eyes must be directly in the camera. The image shouldn’t have any glare or reflections.
  • Headgear is prohibited, except for those worn for religious reasons. The headwear shouldn’t cover the face in any way.
  • The face should be neutral, and the eyes must be open and visible. There shouldn’t be any reflection of the camera or ambient light on the eyewear. Dark or non-prescription glasses are unacceptable.
  • In photographs of youngsters, pacifiers and toys should not be present. They cannot be photographed while being held in someone else’s hands.
  • Examine examples of valid and invalid passport photographs.

A round-trip flight

Letter from the applicant’s sponsor in a formal tone (if applicable)

  • If sponsored by a business, there must be a formal letter on company letterhead. The trip’s objective, applicant’s position, and remuneration should all be mentioned in the letter.

Insurance for travel or health that covers the applicant’s full stay in the nation.

Travel insurance is important because it protects you from unexpected expenses. If you don’t have enough insurance, you might be left out of pocket if something happens during your trip.

Evidence of the means of assistance for your stay in Brazil

  • Bank statements from the past three months with the bank’s stamp demonstrating your ability to pay

Confirmation of hotel reservations (with the name, location, and phone number of the hotel)

  • A duplicate of the invitation letter must be submitted and a notarized copy in place of confirmed hotel reservations if someone in Brazil will host the applicant.

A signed receipt (generated after submitting the application form online)

  • Both parents must sign the receipt for underage applicants.

Minor applicants need to provide the following extra paperwork:

  • Birth certificate in its original form or a certified copy of it
  • A letter of authorization authorizing the issuance of a visa to the minor traveling independently, with just one parent, or with a third party. Both parents or a legal guardian must sign the letter in front of a public notary. Legal guardians must also present documentation proving their authority.
  • The parents must provide evidence of resources for the applicant’s stay in the nation.

Note: Certain candidates may be required to provide additional paperwork due to the circumstances.

How to Apply

Get the necessary paperwork ready.

Apply for a visa to Brazil by completing the form.

  • Go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ official website. Choose a visa, begin a new application, and continue.
  • Complete the online Brazil visa application form, then click “Complete Application.” The applicant will be granted an application number. It is required to print and sign the receipt.
  • You shouldn’t staple the printed receipt’s image.; instead, use glue to affix it to the relevant field.

Make a visa appointment for Brazil.

  • Select the nation where you want to submit your application by going to the official e-consular website, then enter your email address and password to log in. In some nations, online appointment booking may not be available at consulates or embassies. To find out if you need to make an appointment for a Brazilian visa and how to make an appointment, look up their contact information and get in touch with them.

Send in your visa application for Brazil.

  • Send the printed and signed receipt and any other supporting documentation to the Brazilian embassy or consulate.

Note: The application process for Brazilian visas may differ at various consulates, embassies, and VACs. Contact the consulate or embassy in your country of citizenship or residence for the most up-to-date information.

Pay the application fee for a visa.

  • After money has been received and all documents have been verified, applicants will receive a delivery confirmation. They will be told when to pick up their visa, as well.

Where to Apply

The Brazilian consulate or embassy of the applicant’s country of citizenship or residence is where they should send their documents and receipt along with their application for a visa.

Applicants can also submit their applications online through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website. However, applicants from some nations might need to submit a personal application for a Brazil visa at the Brazilian consulate or embassy in the nation where they were born or last resided.

Pros and Cons of the Brazil Digital Nomad Visa

The Brazil Digital Nomad Visa is perfect for digital nomads who want to travel often. It allows you to stay in Brazil for as long as you want, as long as you have an employer who hires you remotely. You can stay in Brazil for a year or even longer.

You can travel freely as long as you return to Brazil at least once every 90 days to renew your visa. The only downside is that you need to earn a minimum of $2500 per month and prove that your employer is a legal business based in Brazil. If you can meet these two requirements, you’re eligible for this visa and can easily stay in Brazil for as long as you like.


The Brazil Digital Nomad Visa is a great option for digital nomads who want to travel often. It allows you to stay in Brazil for as long as you want, as long as you have an employer who hires you remotely. You also need to prove that you earn a minimum of $2500 per month and have enough money to cover your travel expenses. This visa is perfect for anyone who wants to travel frequently to different destinations. It’s also great for those who want to live and work in Brazil for an extended period.