Colombia Retirement Visa – Eligibility, Requirements, and Fees

If you wish to spend your golden years in Colombia after hearing so much about it, read this!

Before applying for a Colombia retirement visa, it is essential to consider the eligibility and requirements. This visa gives a retiree a chance to live more comfortably after retiring. Due to the low cost of living in Colombia, almost everybody who earns more than $700 every month can live there.

The Colombian embassy published some information as regards the Colombia retirement visa. It is established in the knowledge that the Colombia retirement program is for applicants over 50 years of age. However, these applicants must have at least up to $100,000 savings in cash in the bank.

The beautiful weather, world-class healthcare, and the numerous biodiversity in Colombia make it one of the most incredible places to retire. According to the New York Times, it made it to Forbes list of the “coolest places to visit” and is the number two country to visit in 2018.

Furthermore, CNN awarded one of its biggest cities, “Medellin” as “One of the best five cities to retire” All these portray that going to Colombia for retirement is a good choice, if not the best choice for retirees, both foreign and local.

This article is all you need to know about the Colombia retirement visa, its eligibility, requirements, and fees.

Colombia retirement visa

The Colombia retirement visa is a migrant visa issued to retired persons. This visa is also called a pension visa and is specifically for people receiving retirement income from their home country. It is easy to acquire if you meet all the requirements to hold this visa.

The Colombia retirement visa grants entries and multiple re-entries into Colombia. This visa has a validity of up to three years. Despite this validity, it will lose its validity if the holder stays out of Colombia for more than six months. However, this will occur if your stay out of the country is consecutive, not at intervals.

Foreign citizens from America, Canada, and European Union member countries do not need a visa to enter Colombia. Their stay in the country should not exceed 90 days or less. They can extend their stay by another 90 days. It also extends to holders of Colombia retirement visas.

However, only retirees above 50 years of age can request a Colombia retirement visa. There are several options for a long-term Colombia retirement visa.

Who is eligible for a Colombia retirement visa program?

The only people who are eligible for a Colombia retirement visa are retired persons and people receiving retirement income from their home country.

But before you can apply, here are the things you must have in mind;

#1. You must be earning an income of more than $700 per month

An applicant requesting a Colombia retirement visa must have an income of more than $700. This income is three times the minimum wage in the country. However, the exact income requirements fluctuate. This is because the Colombian government resets the amount for the minimum wage every year.

The applicants must provide proof of the income payment and earnings. For example, a letter from the company that distributes the pension, or statement from the bank, or a social security pension certificate can be submitted as proof.

#2. The visa allows applicants to include their spouses or dependents

This means that the dependents can benefit from the applicant’s retirement visa application. The Columbia government will issue the dependent’s beneficiary visas. The dependents can be the spouse, children under 25 years, and children with disabilities.

These are the three dependents that the Colombia retirement visa allows for inclusion. Furthermore, this means that the applicant should submit additional documents, including proof of relationship/bond for the dependents traveling with them.

#3. You can submit your documents from Colombia or from home too

There are two ways in which applicants interested in acquiring a Colombia retirement visa can submit their documents. First, they can submit the documents through their local consulate or travel to Colombia. First, they will need to work with a Colombian immigration office.

#4. They must apply for a Colombia Cédula after they have obtained their Colombia retirement visa

This must be done in person at the immigration office of Colombia. An applicant must obtain their Cédula de Extranjeria. This is an identification card that every foreigner living in Colombia must have.

You must apply for the Cédula ID card 15 days from your arrival in Colombia.

If you received your visa from your local embassy, you must apply for this Cédula 15 days maximum from your date of arrival. But if you are applying from within Colombia, you must apply for your Cédula immediately when you receive your migrant or residence visa.

Steps to obtain Colombia Retirement Visa

Below are the steps to follow through to obtain your Cédula.

#Step 1. It would help if you got tested for your blood type

As a requirement, you must submit a document showing your blood type. This test must be carried out by the appropriate and approved laboratory, with the result stamped and signed by them.

However, this is necessary only the first time you are applying for a Cédula. You are to lay a fee of $5, approximately 103 pesos. The blood type indicated on your Cédula is used for any medical care. The reason you need to take the test with care.

But if you have previously done your Cédula, you don’t need the blood type again in the case of renewable.

#Step 2. Complete an online application

You go to the official website of Colombia immigration and register your details as requested in the online form.

#Step 3. Set up an appointment

After the online registration, you must set up an appointment at one of the Migración Colombia offices. This you must do through the online Migration portal.

#Step 4. Go with the original copies of your documents

The documents you are to go with include;

  • Original passport with visa attached
  • Photocopy of the passport page capturing your biodata and information.
  • Photocopy of the most recent stamp in your passport.

The Cédula costs 1,292 Pesos, approximately $63. The office can pay the fee with a credit or debit card.

#Step 5. At the immigration office

When you get to the immigration office, submit your documents to the immigration agent. The agent will take your fingerprint and photo and attach them to your file in the immigration system. Then, you can get your Cédula on the same day of application. Sometimes, it can take one to two weeks.

Note: You need the Cédula number for almost everything in Colombia. From buying a bus ticket to opening a bank account, from entering into a contract to buying health insurance, and many more.

Documents that you need to apply for a Colombia retirement visa

Like every other visa application, below are the documents you need for a Colombia retirement visa application.

A filled visa application form

The visa application form is on the official website of the Colombia immigration office. You fill in your information correctly and in block form.

A copy of an international passport

This passport must have validity for up to six months from the visa issuance date. It must have at least two blank pages.

The photocopy must capture the biodata and information of the applicant. The photocopy of the page with the most recent entry stamp to Colombia (if applying from the country) or the most recent exit stamp (if applying from home).

You can submit any previous Colombian visas, if any.

Proof of pension

This proof must be issued through a certificate issued by the government or a bank statement.

Medical travel insurance

This certificate must have a coverage of about €30,000. This is to take care of unforeseen health and travel risks.

Two copies of passport photographs

You must submit two copies of civil passport photographs. They must be new passports taken within the past six months. These passports must make the facial features visible and meet the general requirements.

Proof of accommodation

A hotel reservation ticket and document from the host will serve as proof of accommodation.

Proof of negative criminal record

The document must be gotten from the police unit of your country. It must be duly signed and stamped.

Complete Travel itinerary

You must submit proof of your fight ticket. Both entry and return flight tickets.

Proof of sufficient financial means

You must submit your bank statement gotten and stamped from the bank in your country. If you are going to stay with someone, you should submit the bank statement of your host.

Documents proving economic dependence

This is applicable only in the case of a dependent. You should provide a document that proves that the family member that is traveling with you is dependent on you.

Proof of visa application fee payment

Without this fee, your application cannot be processed. Therefore, you should submit this document to your local consulate agent.

A civil registry document proves familial relation between the applicant and the dependent

If you are traveling with a dependent, you should provide a document proving the relationship or bond that you have with them.

How to apply for a Colombia retirement visa

In most local consulates, the application for a Colombia retirement visa is online. It doesn’t take you up to 30 minutes to finish the application online.

Below are the steps to follow for a successful application;

#1. Find out the nearest Colombia embassy around you

Before setting out to initiate your Colombia retirement visa application, you must find out the nearest Colombia consulate around you. If there is none in your country, you must also check neighboring countries.

Reach out to the embassy to learn about the requirements specific to your application.

#2. Fill out and Complete the online Colombia retirement visa application form

Make sure to fill in your information in block letters and answer all questions correctly. Do not be in a hurry, so you don’t make mistakes.

#3. Choose the type of visa you are applying for

On the visa type column, select the correct type of visa that you are applying for. In this case, a Colombia retirement visa.

#4. Upload a scanned or an electronic copy of the visa

This is important in the application process.

#5. Upload all other documents

Make sure that you keep all necessary documents handy. The documents must be uploaded in a pdf file format. The Colombian consulate where you want to submit your application.

#7. Select the payment method of choice

Select the payment option of choosing from the drop-down menu. After payment, make sure to print your payment receipt.

#8. Go and collect your visa

If your application is approved, you will receive a notification via the email that you provided during the application. If it is rejected, the embassy will contact you through your email. Once you receive an approval email, go to your local consulate to collect your visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a Colombia retirement visa last?

Initially, the Colombia retirement visa lasts for one year. But after the Colombian government modified their visa policy, the retirement visa is renewed every three years.

Can I enter Colombia with another visa type?

The answer is yes if you are from Cambodia, India, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, or Macau. Also, if you are from a member country of the Schengen Area, hold a Schengen visa, or a USA visa, the answer is yes.

However, your visa is valid for only 90 days, after which you must apply for a residence permit.

How much does it cost to acquire a Colombia retirement visa?

The Colombia retirement visa costs about 46 euros on average. However, this visa cost can be deferred from country to country. For instance, you pay a visa fee of 40 euros if you are from Cuba and 52 euros from a non-European country.

How long does it take to process a Colombia retirement visa application?

The Colombia retirement visa application takes about five working days to process. But it can take up to 30 days to process if there are irregularities or missing documents.


Colombia is one of the most incredible places worldwide for retirement vacations and holidays. It offers the best living experiences to its applicants. And that too, at a meager cost. So why not check out this country. Once your monthly earnings exceed 700 dollars, this is the best country for your planned travel.