Guide on how to apply for a Brazil Permanent Residency Permit

Find out how to apply for Brazilian permanent residency and lots more here.

Do you enter Brazil with a tourist visa and love the country? Then, you can stay longer with a Brazilian permanent residency permit. The federal republic of Brazil gives foreign nationals an avenue to stay and live in their country long term.

This most prominent country in Latin and South America welcomes foreigners to live, work and stay legally in their country for a long time. All you need to do is to have a Brazilian permanent residency permit. There are different routes you can take to obtain your residency in Brazil.

This article will give you all the information you need to know about obtaining a Brazil permanent residency permit. In addition, you will get honest facts on its benefits, different routes of receiving it, application, etc.

Benefits of obtaining the Brazil Permanent Residency Permit

Below are the benefits you will be enjoying when you obtain your Brazil Permanent Residency Permit

  1. Living legally in Brazil as a foreigner is the first advantage you would enjoy when you are a permanent resident holder in Brazil. You would be on the right side of the law as you are officially living or staying in the country.
  2. With the permit, you can study and work in the country. There will be no restrictions as you would be having almost the same privilege as a citizen
  3. As a foreigner with a Brazilian permanent residency permit, you could have your business legally recognized in the country.
  4. As a foreign national, if you join your residency permit with a Personnel Registration Card. You are entitled to finance your property and even get credit to finance it too.
  5. You would be able to get a Brazilian driving license which will enable you to drive in the country
  6. With the Brazil permanent residency permit, you can get into Brazil as you desire, no matter your country or origin.

Ways you would be eligible to apply and obtain the Brazil permanent residency permit

The federative republic of Brazil has different routes by which one can have Brazil permanent residency. You need to be eligible to apply using each of these routes. The following are the different ways you can be eligible to apply.

  • Through marriage: If your spouse is a Brazilian citizen or you are getting married to someone already with a Brazilian permanent residency, then you can apply for residency via this route. You would need just two things to use; you would need to present the declaration of the marriage and the marriage certificate.
  • Through a child or children with permanent residency: If your child is already living in Brazil with a permanent residence permit, then you can apply for Brazil permanent residency permit. But the child or children should be financially dependent on you, and you should be the one caring for the child or children.
  • Through a family member living in Brazil, You can apply for Brazil permanent residency if you want to join a family member that is either a resident holder or a citizen of Brazil. This person can be a spouse, a child, a relative or parents with special needs, etc
  • If you are a retiree and want to live in Brazil, then you can. All you need is to get a Brazilian permanent residency permit. But you must have a monthly income that caters to yourself as you settle in Brazil. The amount held should be about 6000 Brazilian reels. But it will be more if you have a dependent with you
  • You would be eligible for Brazil permanent residence permit if you are a researcher or a scientist good at researching technology, academia, sciences, and other professional fields. The snag here is that you should first get a job in Brazil.
  • Those that want to invest in Brazil are given the opportunity. You would be eligible for Brazil permanent residency permit. But you would need to have about $500,000 BBL investing in an existing business in Brazil or real estate in the country. But if you could employ about ten citizens of the country in your business, then you would allow investing only $150,000 into scientific research or technology. Now to be granted a Brazil permanent residency permit as an investor, you must first have shown no criminal records. You should submit your investment or business plan for approval. When you get the approval for the residency permit, you will have to renew it every three years. The clause with this route for obtaining a Brazilian permanent residency is that you must maintain this business or investment. This is because your stay in Brazil is tied to the well-being of this business. If the business or investment is no longer working, you will lose your residency status
  • You can get Brazil’s permanent residency as a CEO or manager of a startup. This means that if you have a business that has thrived in your country for five years and you want to open another branch or startup in Brazil, you can apply for residency. With this route, the residency permit will be for two years and be subject to renewal. You would follow the procedure for renewal.
  • As a manager or CEO of a corporation that wants to do a transfer of staff to Brazil, you can get a permanent residency. But you would need to first invest in the Brazilian company you have. The least accepted amount Is $200,000. Again you would need to show authorities that the staff coming into Brazil are specialized workers. This means they are coming to add value to the federative republic of Brazil. Show that they are coming into help with social improvement, introduce new technology, or are highly productive.
  • Lastly, Asylum seekers or political refugees can also obtain Brazilian permanent residency if they demonstrate their eligibility.

How to apply for Brazil permanent residency permit

You must get to the Brazilian consulates or embassies to submit your permanent residency application. In addition, you would need to show some documentary evidence and some paperwork to enable you to get the approval. All of these will depend on the route you are eligible to apply for the resident permit.

As stated earlier, if you apply via the marriage route, you must present a declaration and a marriage certificate before approval. Like one trying to get the permit via the investor route will need to get approval from the Brazilian Ministry of labor and employment.

Thereafter, you submit other documents like the business or investment plan. Getting all the needed information from the embassy for your route to apply according to the rules will be good. The fact is that each route you want to apply with has its distinctive demands.

How to renew your Brazil permanent residency permit

The renewal of the Brazil permanent residency permit is for all holders. The only difference is that renewal status differs. The Brazil permanent residency permit is for nine years. Therefore, the holders need to renew every nine years. But for investors, theirs is for two years and is subject to renewal after two years.

Applying for renewal would be granted if you have not stayed away from Brazil for about two years. Again, if you are able to retain the criteria through which you obtain the resident permit. Like the investor’s route, those that came via this route must maintain the business or investment, or else there will be no renewal.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When does one lose Brazil’s permanent residency status?

Suppose you have left the country for two years. If an investor withdraws investment from Brazil and when doesn’t keep to the criteria that initially made the person eligible for the resident permit.

Can one obtain citizenship after getting the Brazilian permanent residency permit?

Yes, you can apply for Brazilian citizenship after four years of living in Brazil. But for a married spouse, you need a year before you can apply. For scientists and researchers, the least duration to stay before using is two years.

Does Brazil allow dual citizenship?

Yes, unlike other countries, Brazil allows foreign citizens to have dual citizenship.

What do I do if my Brazil permanent residency permit is not granted?

You can use other options that will enable you to live, stay and work in Brazil. For example, you can try getting a tourist, business, student, or work visa.


Brazil welcomes foreigners who want to live, work, or study. It has numerous tourist destinations and a booming economy. However, if you intend to stay a long time in Brazil, then you must apply for a Brazilian permanent residency permit.

You have to look at the route that would be appropriate for you to apply. Then, you would have to get this permit because it has enormous benefits, as listed above.

All the information you need to know about Brazil’spermanent residency permit has been discussed.